Guest Interview n° 17: Cameron Smith

Guest Interview n° 17: Cameron Smith

You’ve been living in NY, LA, Paris and now London, but where are you from?
I’m Australifornian, but don’t hold it against me.

You probably didn’t like school very much as you left it at the age of 15. If you could turn back time, would you take the same decision?

Yes, I don’t regret it at all. I left home and got a job working at a web design company. This is definitely the internet era, so to get paid to learn and practice designing websites was kind of a perfect education.

Are you still a wasted kid?
I smoke crack for breakfast, but no. That’s kind a weird question.

What was the passage from skateboarding to photography?
They were both childish acts of rebellion. My parents didn’t let me skateboard and I never got given a camera, so I bought a skateboard when I was 14 and and kept it at my friends house and then started doing photography after I left home. Haha, being strict backfired for my parents.

Is there anything you have learned from the street?
Don’t get high on your own supply.

Which was the first shooting you’ve ever done?
I took snapshots and photos of my friends skating and wanted to be a photojournalist for ages, but decided to try out doing a ‘shoot’ with a model I knew named Tania. We drove down to this really beautiful granite quarry, which is right on the waterfront and has waves crashing on it and climbed on the rocks and took lots of photos and it was all really pretty and fun. Then, on the way back I followed a cop car down a side street and found a guy that had been stabbed with a huge kitchen knife in an act of random racial hatred and was bleeding to death, with the knife still stuck in his back. I shot a picture which was used in the national newspapers, but it made me realize that there’s something fucked up about rabidly trying to find scenes of violence and disaster, and then just taking a photo instead of helping. It was an epic day. I think I chose to be a fashion photographer that day.

Did videos and film making come naturally after photography for you?
Filmmaking and photography are the same thing fundamentally and they certainly serve the same purpose, which is to express and inspire and relate things. Obviously in film there’s sound and movement but fundamentally it’s the same. You can say more and fuck up easier in film, which is exciting.

Are you a blog addicted?
No, I od’d on blogs ages ago.

You publish The Interzine online, which is a place where you collect and store interesting contents from the web on art, music, fashion and culture. What was your first thought about it? “The only website you need”?
It was a really simple idea, to mash up all of the best blogs together. So you can go and look at www.theinterzine.com and see whats going on and whats cool. There was nothing like it at the time so I just made it in a couple days. Later, I heard that Jefferson Hack loved it, and then about 6 months later, he made ‘another reader’ and then pop magazine did their own version of it.
I think designing websites is fucking amazing in that you can use code to take an idea, and manifest it into something useful or fun or commercial and share it with the whole world. It’s magic I think. Like I love the story about the 17 year old russian kid that created chatroullette in 2 days and its the biggest thing on the internet this year. Magic. At the same time its disgusting how people are constantly connected to their machines. Get out and look at the world people! Burn your computers!

In your blogs you like to tell some of your private madness by taking pics. What connects all the shots?
I don’t try to force any connection, but it’s always me and my camera and the way I interact with people so there is natural continuity.

What kind of books do you read? Is there any literary inspiration in your pictures?
I like reading fiction. I like science fiction and fucked-up stuff a lot . I just got into listening to audiobooks because I feel like I’m already overusing my eyes and it lets me multitask, which is sad but everything is so frenetic and jacked these days because of the way are brains are conditioned by the internet. Otherwise it can take me ages to finish a book and I’m usually reading 3 at a time. The new yorkers fiction podcast is great.
( http://www.newyorker.com/online/podcasts/fiction ).

How much art is important in your way of living? In which ways does it affect you?
I love that art can inspire us and that it really has no function. It is an positive sign that humans have souls.

Do you see any possible evolutions in photography? Not only in the way it can be displayed, rather more in the way it will be acknowledged by people?
Yes, the way that digital photography and the internet made photography more accessible really is changing everything. I think its great, it means that photography is becoming better, and there are more beautiful images being made, and generally, it is raising the standard of photography in magazines. About 5 years ago one of the first editorials I shot was based on my blog. The editor, Isaac Lock, emailed me and was like, “I love your blog, how its so fresh and intimate and immediate. Lets do a shoot based on it”. It was new then, but now I’m a little tired of it. Like I feel that the whole snapshot, intimate type of photography has no value, whereas 30 odd years ago it was completely shocking and momentous that, for example, Nan Goldin would exhibit nude pictures of her husband and intimate photos of her tranny friends. It meant something then, but now it doesn’t.

What are your days like?
I live in the 18th arrondisement of Paris at the moment. I’ve been shooting or editing everyday, and partying every night. Paris is SOOOO fun! It’s summer now and its stays light until about 10:30pm here so I’m usually up really late and the noise of the street wakes me up early in the morning so I don’t really get much sleep ever.

What’s the first thing you think when you wake up?
I’m usually thinking about my dreams and what they’re saying to me. They’ve usually really vivid because my sleep is usually pretty irregular. This is really mundane, but if you want to know, last night in a dream, Nicola Formichetti told me “make a less jacked website and you’ll start making serious bucks”. Man, kinda weird to have Nicola in a dream but I appreciate the feedback.

What do you think you will be doing in the next 3 days? 3 months? 3 years? Not telling.

Cameron Smith Page

By Elisa Lusso – all images courtesy of Cemeron Smith

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Fit & Brevi Racconti are waiting for you!

Fit & Brevi Racconti are waiting for you!

The attentions and the aims of many companies and institutions here in Milan, recently seem to point at strengthening new creative talents. Tonight should be busy, starting from Fit Fashion Show 2010 supported by PoliMilano, until “Brevi Racconti”, a collective photo ehxibition at Circus Studios.
Curated and promoted by Andrea Concina /Numérique.

By Elisa Lusso

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Tiffany Godoy / The Reality Show

Tiffany Godoy / The Reality Show

Gothic Cholita Geisha Tiffany Godoy – author of ‘Style Deficit Disorder’ and ‘Japanese Goth’ – presents her latest project as editor-in-chief next to Tomoyuki Yonezu in the art direction, “The Reality Show”.
A new fashion book that mixes the fantasies of runway fashion with the real style of Japan’s street fashion stars.
A fashion portrait of street style, a blog in a book, that’s a mise-en-scene of everyday life.

Guest Music Selectors:
Limi Yamamoto & Lyoki
Leo Candycane (Fancy Him)
Mademoiselle Yulia
Olivier Schawalder x very special supermodel guest
Romain (from paris)

@ Le Baron de Paris, Tokio. June 30th (Wed) Open 21:00

“Get up close. Get Personal, Get real, The reality show…”

By Dodi Espinosa

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Kilimanjaro Magazine: The Box Issue

Kilimanjaro Magazine: The Box Issue
Kilimanjaro, the indefinable, iconoclastic and always original art/culture/fashion/film publication has just unwrapped its 10th edition, affectionately christened “About Now.”

The magazine’s large and liquid format, a virtually unconstrained playground of a canvas for its experimental designers, is used as an opportune conduit in this issue to usher in a ‘looser approach.’ Drawing on the vulgarity and fleeting nature of the traditional newsstand tabloid, the result is a refracted, gorgeously transmogrified vision of the ephemeral now & new. Filtered through the sensationalism, disposability and, ostensibly, the bigotry of this most hyperbolic and transitory of mediums, the serious discourse and usual creativity of this issue’s contents are amplified through stark parallax.

Look for a collaborations with Cyprien Gaillard and discussions the likes of Bruce Sterling, Tatiana Trouvé, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beatrix Ruf, Isaac Julien, Polly Morgan and others.

By Tag Christof – pictures courtesy  of Kilimanjaro

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Beauty / Beast a short preview!

Beauty / Beast a short preview!

Today is the big day…. WONDER ROOM will open up from 7pm untill 10pm the exhib five – Va Tortona 31 – as usual! Here a short preview of what you will see during the opening, we are waiting for you!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.950843&w=630&h=496&fv=]

By The Blogazine bureau – video by Luca Merli – sound design by Painè Cuadrelli – edited by SodaStudio

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Beauty / Beast – Wonder Room n° 5

Beauty / Beast – Wonder Room n° 5

It’s now videomaker’s turn, Luca Merli will present a video specially created for WONDER ROOM.

The main concept is: Distortion.

With him on this project collaborated Painè Cuadrelli – sound designer – and SodaStudio who handled the
art-direction of the installation. Do not miss it!

Via Tortona 31
Sunday – June 20, 2010 – from 7pm untill 10pm.

By The Blogazine bureau – invitation flyer conceived by Studio Soda

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Sunday Brunch – Puffy Pancakes

Sunday Brunch – Puffy Pancakes

Last week was my husbands (we recently got married, so I have to get used to the fact of saying husband instead of boyfriend), birthday. He loves pancakes and caky things. Especially with fruit!

So I made him these crossover caky-pancakes for breakfast. They turned out so great, that I’ve made them a few times after that to get the recipe right for you to make them too.
Eat them with fresh raspberries, as we did, but I can imagine them with strawberries and cream, melted butter and maple syrup, castor sugar, cinnamon and butter too…. miam miam!

Have a lovely sunday afternoon,

Text & illustration by Yvette van Boven

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Dead Meat – Pitti 2010

Dead Meat  – Pitti 2010

Dead Meat & Wonder Room [Wonder Room is a multi-disciplinary project conceived and curated by 2DM]
finally stated their collaboration on a new idea called Wonder-Tees, as you can easily guess, creating an unique line of T-Shirts to be launched the next Autumn. For this reason, we’re proudly presenting you the designer’s manifesto to get a little bit more inside their Weltanschauung, know more on how it translates on their clothing aesthetics and of course, properly enjoy this video.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.947925&w=630&h=496&fv=]

Dead Meat is a Communication Project and a factory, founded by Giovanni Battista de Pol and composed by 10 fantastic creatures. Clothing is the communication vehicle, promoting a “critical thinking” is the intent. Dead Meat owes much to William Burroughs, Kurt Cobain, David Foster Wallace…

The new Spring Summer line is inspired on a futurist theme. Technically, the collection is based on four colors: white, black, gray and orange. Through each color we investigate a different social being. White is the color for reason, faith and power. Black represents irrationality and instinct. Gray is the color for culture, doubt and relativism. Finally orange, which is the color for action, efficiency and physical strenght. The rest is explained through the language.

Dead Meat will be presented at Pitti Immagine Uomo, as usual, inside the Fortezza Da Basso, stand Touch.
For this upcoming edition Dead Meat is also among the finalists of Who Is On Next, a special competition created with the collaboration of L’Uomo Vogue and Alta Roma, the entire collection will be exhibited at Limonaia Garden of Villa Vittoria – Florence.”

Text intro by Elisa Lusso – manifesto by Silvia Bergomi – video courtesy of Dead Meat

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Ubuntu Collection

Ubuntu Collection

“I am because we are” is the subtitle of the Ubuntu Collection, a project by The Inoue Brothers, which decided to collaborate with Gazelle and Créol Brothers for this 100% African collection. The well known knitwear brand have always been searching to further their endeavors in creating relations in communities where craftmanship and cultural heritage are rich.

We are the first to receive this exclusive sneak-preview of the entirely IPhone shooting done in the heart of Zaire few days ago. As the photographer Xander Ferreira says – together with Nick Matthews inside Gazelle, an Afro-futurism theatre/music duo – this is pure guerrilla style and the crew happened to fly in and out the country in the president’s private jet!

Ubuntu provided eco friendly organic hemp material as canvases: the result is a collection of printed and beaded T-shirts, where the final garment is produced through an uncompromising process commissioning local artisans and seamstresses around Capetown.

Last but not least, don’t forget that each item comes with a unique beaded USB key containing backstage pictures, portraits of people from Khayelitsha and a short film by The Inoue Brothers & Gazelle, who also provided for an exclusive music track.

By Elisa Lusso – Photography: Xander Ferreira – Ad: Gazelle and The Inoue Brothers – Starring: Kuku Agami

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Veggie Carnage

Veggie Carnage

Very Bravo, the sassy Italian upstart purveyor of toys, graphic prints and other fun miscellany has just made the world of play a tad more compassionate. One of VB’s first editions, the product of designer and founder Mario Gatti, combines social consciousness and dietary conscientiousness in the the world’s first and only vegetarian toy: Carrot Slayer. Our man (and his vermilion root victim) comes decked out in both ‘Hippie’ hashish-loving and ‘Gruesome‘ leather-clad S&M dominator guises (sadly, there are no carrot handcuffs included).

While mostly a cheeky exercise the toy posits a seriously relevant perspective on the great vegetarian/omnivore divide: our food is inevitably our victim and its ritualistic preparation is a visceral experience. Yet, its source (which we have become all but disconnected from) may or may not be a cause of tremendous suffering. The personified carrot, although clearly conscious of his impending doom, seems pretty enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming salad garnish. Something tells me that if the happy carrot were a cute cow excited to meet an evil slaughterhouse axe, the message might not go over so well. And conversely, a carrot executioner, no matter how sinister, is just plain awesome. Orange blood spatter and all.

The toys are limited to 250 pieces each.

By Tag Christof, Images courtesy of Mauro Gatti

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