Kilimanjaro Magazine: The Box Issue

Kilimanjaro Magazine: The Box Issue
Kilimanjaro, the indefinable, iconoclastic and always original art/culture/fashion/film publication has just unwrapped its 10th edition, affectionately christened “About Now.”

The magazine’s large and liquid format, a virtually unconstrained playground of a canvas for its experimental designers, is used as an opportune conduit in this issue to usher in a ‘looser approach.’ Drawing on the vulgarity and fleeting nature of the traditional newsstand tabloid, the result is a refracted, gorgeously transmogrified vision of the ephemeral now & new. Filtered through the sensationalism, disposability and, ostensibly, the bigotry of this most hyperbolic and transitory of mediums, the serious discourse and usual creativity of this issue’s contents are amplified through stark parallax.

Look for a collaborations with Cyprien Gaillard and discussions the likes of Bruce Sterling, Tatiana Trouvé, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beatrix Ruf, Isaac Julien, Polly Morgan and others.

By Tag Christof – pictures courtesy  of Kilimanjaro