Couture-to-wear: Koché

Couture for everyday life? Before the industrialisation and the beginning of mass production, hand made pieces, seamstresses and couture dresses were as common as buying a shirt at H&M is today. It all changed when the new techniques made it possible to produce pieces that were both in the latest styles and cheeper than the ones made by hand. Nowadays, couture is often portrayed as the exclusive part of the fashion industry, close related to fine gowns and celebrities. That is a perception the brand Koché wants to change. Couture doesn’t just have to be about glitz and glam, quite the contrary – Christelle Kocher, the designer and founder of Koché, believes it to be perfectly suited for the everyday life as well. She wants to create couture-to-wear. Modern, easy and casual pieces to wear however and whenever you like. Her design aesthetic embodies easy elegance and it simply just feels cool, an underrated look among couture creators. No matter if it is pink suits or embroideries, here pieces achieve the balance between refined craftsmanship and contemporary wearability.

With a background at brands such as Dries Van Noten, Sonia Rykiel, Bottega Veneta and Chloé, Christelle Kocher started her own label only last year and it has, not so surprisingly already turned out to be a success. She was for nominated for the LVMH design award for her unique and contemporary take on fashion in general and traditional couture in particular. It is an innovation right in time. The fashion industry is, as we have noted before, facing a future crossroad. Kosher is pointing out a direction and leading the way towards a future fashion scenario that already is starting to become reality. Old school is just one name we could call it, but it will soon become a reality, as traditional hand craft and a greater appreciation for the quality is a tendency we are going to see a lot more of in the near future. And why not see fashion as both an investment and a fun expression of your personality that lights up your everyday life? The limits are there only to be broken.

Hanna Cronsjö