Tiffany Godoy / The Reality Show

Tiffany Godoy / The Reality Show

Gothic Cholita Geisha Tiffany Godoy – author of ‘Style Deficit Disorder’ and ‘Japanese Goth’ – presents her latest project as editor-in-chief next to Tomoyuki Yonezu in the art direction, “The Reality Show”.
A new fashion book that mixes the fantasies of runway fashion with the real style of Japan’s street fashion stars.
A fashion portrait of street style, a blog in a book, that’s a mise-en-scene of everyday life.

Guest Music Selectors:
Limi Yamamoto & Lyoki
Leo Candycane (Fancy Him)
Mademoiselle Yulia
Olivier Schawalder x very special supermodel guest
Romain (from paris)

@ Le Baron de Paris, Tokio. June 30th (Wed) Open 21:00

“Get up close. Get Personal, Get real, The reality show…”

By Dodi Espinosa