Ubuntu Collection

Ubuntu Collection

“I am because we are” is the subtitle of the Ubuntu Collection, a project by The Inoue Brothers, which decided to collaborate with Gazelle and Créol Brothers for this 100% African collection. The well known knitwear brand have always been searching to further their endeavors in creating relations in communities where craftmanship and cultural heritage are rich.

We are the first to receive this exclusive sneak-preview of the entirely IPhone shooting done in the heart of Zaire few days ago. As the photographer Xander Ferreira says – together with Nick Matthews inside Gazelle, an Afro-futurism theatre/music duo – this is pure guerrilla style and the crew happened to fly in and out the country in the president’s private jet!

Ubuntu provided eco friendly organic hemp material as canvases: the result is a collection of printed and beaded T-shirts, where the final garment is produced through an uncompromising process commissioning local artisans and seamstresses around Capetown.

Last but not least, don’t forget that each item comes with a unique beaded USB key containing backstage pictures, portraits of people from Khayelitsha and a short film by The Inoue Brothers & Gazelle, who also provided for an exclusive music track.

By Elisa Lusso – Photography: Xander Ferreira – Ad: Gazelle and The Inoue Brothers – Starring: Kuku Agami