Daily Tips: Anni and Josef Albers in Milan

Forced into exile in the United States after Bauhaus’ closure in 1933, Anni and Josef Albers found a curious form of ‘consolation’ for their displacement. Influenced by a museum collection they saw in Berlin, Anni and Josef would travel from their home in North Carolina to South America over the course of their life. Convinced that “art is everywhere” in the countries of Central and South America, they developed a rich personal collection as well as a direct artistic dialogue between their own work and pre-Columbian objects they found. Shaped by their personal and artistic interest, this rich collection is currently part of an exhibition that opened last week at Museo delle Culture in Milan. Titled “A Beautiful Confluence”, the show “reveals the very similar visual and artistic interests and personal passions of Anni and Josef and the native people of the world that became their haven.” The exhibition runs until 21 February 2016.

The Blogazine – Images courtesy ofJosef and Anni Albers Foundation