A Bigger Park: Celebrating Difference

Over the past 10 years, skateboarding and surfing magazines have evolved to become a particular niche of independent publications, mostly characterized by endless rows of images featuring palm trees, sunsets, angsty youth or abandoned, suburban streets. If there is anything like an overexploited genre, than these ‘subculture’ magazines – in their wish to escape the canons of ‘normal’ life – have become its prime example. With a desire to approach and talk about this coveted lifestyle with in a more honest note, the German creative director Christian Hundertmark has created A Bigger Park magazine. With a beautiful design, the magazine serves not only a space to sharpen one’s creativity, it is also a platform for like-minded individuals – designers, surfers, artists, skateboarders, musicians or artisans – to build a community based on exchange of ideas, thoughts and stories told through the pages of the magazine. As such, A Bigger Park smartly avoids the clichés of the genre as it doesn’t worship “a combination of different lifestyles, but [shows] a lifestyle based on worshipping difference”.

The Blogazine – Images courtesy of A Bigger Park