Is A/W 2015 the Beginning of the End for Fashion Trends?

‏We are all well aware of the fact that trends come and go‪,‬ to then make a comeback on the runway several years later, in a more updated version. The historic references are usually chosen from one or a couple of different time periods, an example of that are the 1970s – a decade that has dominated the fashion picture for the past seasons. The big difference between that period of time and today is that‪ ‬we can’t talk about just one or even three decades that have worked as references when creating the fall collections, instead every decade from the 1950s to the 200’s have made their way to the A/W 2015 runways. ‏The big thing about this fall is therefore the fact that there isn’t just one huge trend to talk about. Instead‪,‬ everything from colourful to the darkest black, eclectic to clean, flashy to punk, relaxed to dressed up trend‪,‬ was included. This trend merge wasn‪’‬t a completely smooth combination, as some of these trends are rather contradictory‪,‬ starting a discussion where the whole concept of a trend is being problematised.

‏Fashion is, as with many other industries, facing new challenges‪ – as it never has‬ before. One of them might be the digitalisation and what seems to be the never ending, increasing‪,‬ supply of fashion brands, designers and new collections. The fashion wheel is spinning faster and faster and everyone involved are trying to find their own pace and place within it. This has lead to a season that feels more honest and genuine than many times before, designers are turning to their brand‪’‬s historic archives or other periods of time that they feel truly inspired by. The times have changed and it is becoming harder and harder to talk about one look, one silhouette and one trend that encapsulate a whole season. Our society has changed and so has the way we think about fashion. The personal is the new black, we borrow and blend, mix and match‪,‬ the looks seen on the runway with our own styles. Even the designers are inspired by the personal, like in Alessandro Michele’s first collection for Gucci which was a tribute to the personal style.

‏If we have to talk about a trend this season it is to say that it is a tribute to the past as well as to the future. One trend that everyone follows doesn’t exist anymore, and we might not ever have a moment like ”The New Look” ever again – instead we have several‪,‬ and for this fall‪,‬ they are based on our past.

‏Hanna Cronsjö