Daily Tips: Project Ocean

How can big brands help the environment? Since the 1990s the cultural establishment has, on one hand, worked on condemning the big brands, while, on the other, it has uncritically worked in their service. Luckily, things have changed, and colossal brands are now – albeit rarely – working on raising the level of awareness with respect to environmental responsibility. One of such initiatives is Selfridges’ “Project Ocean”, which recently featured a design exhibition and a water bar. Curated by Jane Withers in the Ultralounge at Selfridges London, the exhibition brings together works by designers and artists, including Studio Swine, Andrew Friend, Nick Wood and Alice Dunseath, which shed light on the problem of plastic in the sea. At The Water Bar, Arabeschi di Latte reconsiders the everyday ritual of water drinking, inviting us to imagine life without the plastic water bottle. Together these experiences and exhibits aim to show how, through reconsidering how we use and abuse plastic, we can all be part of the sea change.

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