Kym Ellery: The Source of Creativity is Hard to Find

Some people have it, others don’t. Creativity in general and fashion designing in particular is often considered a gift that you, if lucky enough, posses. On the other hand, it would be foolish to say that designing is not a skill that needs to be honed. It takes a lot more than pure talent to succeed in design, and creativity is a term hard to definethat comes in many different shapes and forms. Growing up in a home surrounded by art and with a mother who worked in textiles, printmaking and ceramic, the Australian designer Kym Ellery found creativity to be almost a natural talent. After completing a certificate of Fashion Design in Perth, Ellery took another step towards becoming who she is today when she moved to London to study Fashion Illustration and Sketchbook Building. Before founding her own brand, she worked at the Australian magazine Russh for over 4 years as a part of their creative team. Her avant-garde influences were translated to the pages of Russh magazine, as well as becoming an important source of inspiration when creating her collections for her own brand, Ellery.

For the brand’s Resort 2016 collection, Ellery is taking avant-garde to the everyday life by combining interesting and dramatic cuts with clean lines and a color scheme based on black, white, grey and beige, resulting in a collection that succeeds with the task of making avant-garde feel both wearable and comfortable. Ellery describes her brand and its journey so far by stating that it “used to be the one to watch but now is the one to want”, and it is hard not to agree with her when it continues to win new fans, including everyone from Madonna’s stylist to the global fashion press. Speculating about the reasons behind her great success is therefore tempting. We can settle with the fact that she has found and created her own design expression – a creative voice that also happens to be a universal language.

Hanna Cronsjö