Thomas Struth: The Act of Journeying

Traveling is an act of meditation and transformation; it is a way of coming to terms with reality and with different shapes and twists it can take; it is as much a process as it is a final goal. For contemporary photographer Thomas Struth, the ‘act of journeying’ is a vital part of his production process, through which combines a personal analysis of an instinctive sense and narrative of a place with a formal topological view, to create a composition that elucidates something revelatory. In his recent exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery in London – coming to a close on June 6th – Struth takes us to two completely different journeys – one through Israel and Palestine and the other to spaces of scientific research in California. Both places are scrutinized by Struth’s photography, returning images that present two different dimensions of the human existence, that easily coexist not only for their singular outline, but because they both envision a view of what our society might or should be.

Images courtesy of Thomas Struth and Marian Goodman Gallery