Through the Lens of Farah Al Qasimi

Farah Al Qasimi is a young photographer based between Dubai, UAE and New York. Set between two cultures, two modes of living and ways of understanding the world, Al Qasimi’s photographs are focussed on uncovering a sense of displacement – what are its material traces and how it shifts our perception of the reality. With her project “The World is Sinking”, centered around ‘back alleys’ of Dubai, Al Qasimi takes a look at hidden aspects of the ordinary, of her own past and relationship to the city itself. Capturing the overlooked aspects of the mundane in Dubai – forgotten halls, abandoned commercial sights, debris – Al Qasimi reveals less glamourous, unknown aspects of the city with a subtle and careful poetics, that reveals as much about the metropolis’ secret life as much as it speaks about the author herself.

The Blogazine – Images courtesy of Farah Al Qasimi