House of Dagmar Celebrates Ten Years

House of Dagmar celebrates ten years within the fashion industry by launching an exclusive dress collection with ten favourites chosen from the past decade. The brand’s success story started in the 2005, when three sisters – Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam – decided to start their own brand after having studied and worked within the fields of fashion design, marketing, and economics. The Swedish fashion industry had, during this period, started to expand and thanks to their optimistic outlook and entrepreneurship, the three sisters only saw opportunities for their innovative brand House of Dagmar. The brand is named after their grandma, Dagmar, who played an important role in the three sisters lives, as she inspired them to go their own way and encouraged their fashion interest at an early age, by showing them international fashion magazines, through her work as a seamstress and her personal, chic style.

Ten years later, the brand has grown to become a central part of the Swedish fashion industry, winning awards like this year’s designer at the Swedish Elle Style Awards 2015. Their signature trademark, such as sophisticated materials, focus on details and feminine, wearable pieces, are all a crucial part of their success. Through building their brand on traditional Scandinavian sewing techniques and uniting their technical knowledge with modern elegance, they have achieved to create their own aesthetic. House of Dagmar’s classic and yet modern approach to fashion, has resulted in pieces and collections that feel as relevant today as they did when they first were launched – an important aspect of their idea of creating pieces that are long-lasting both in terms of quality and design. Among the dresses relaunched for their ten year anniversary, you can find exquisite examples like their signature crochet lace dress. By the time the brand celebrates 20 years, there will be even more House of Dagmar dresses to cherish and wear over and over.

Hanna Cronsjö