Daily Tips: Nick Cave’s Upcoming Here Hear

In the upcoming months, Nick Cave, the brilliant artists and dancer, will stage his sculptural Soundsuits in a new exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum. Titled “Here Hear” the exhibition will collect approximately thirty Soundsuits, his wearable performance suits designed for sound, mobility, and dance which were influenced by a vibrant palette of African art, armor, found objects, fashion, and textile design, yet find their root in social critique. Cave first created a suit in the aftermath of the Rodney King beating in 1991, envisioning an emotional shield that protected one’s race or gender while still expressing individuality. As Cave’s artwork began to resonate with vast audiences, the artist saw the Soundsuits as powerful agents to capture the public imagination on a monumental scale. Cave’s artistic practice now advocates the vital importance of collective dreaming, which he actualizes through large-scale performances.

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