Through the Lens of Claudine Doury

Claudine Doury is a photographer born in Blois and living in Paris. Through her work, collected in monographs such as Peuples de Sibérie, published in 1999, or Artek, un été en Crimée, published in 2004, Claudine captures the mutable, evolving yet slow passing of time in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with the willingness to capture a “time of mutations, searching for tracks of a vanishing empire” and to understand “the different people who lived there, where they came from and how they had been separated from each other, as the country was split into new regions and finally into states”. Her work is poetic and evocative of different times, grasping that particular type of nostalgia that is a longing for an ideal place, a home that never existed and perhaps never will.

Images courtesy of Claudine Doury