Three Young Fashion Talents from Milanese Runways

As Milan fashion week turned its spotlights off, and all eyes are on Paris, we still want to relish the brilliant “Made in Italy” style. Though it is not usually known as a hub for new talents – Italy like its designers traditional and old – this year, a couple of exciting young designers could be found on Milan’s runways. Here are three names everybody should write down for the years to come.

Arthur Arbesser: Before founding his own brand in 2012, the Milan based designer Arthur Arbesser has studied at Central Saint Martins and worked for other fashion brands in Milan. Arbesser’s design aesthetic is based on an eclectic mix of cultures and approaches to fashion. Arbesser, who grew up in Vienna, often mixes influences from Austrian culture with references and ideas coming from the world of art, most probably learned during his studies in London. For the A/W 2015 collection these approaches and references are expressed through an elaborate selection of intriguing patterns, which, combined with strong silhouettes which, clearly show his great knowledge of the design craft.

Paolo Errico: Paolo Errico is mostly interested in design from an innovative and sculptural point of view, as he is able to create garments through shaping techniques which focus on volume and balance. He aims to evoke emotions by combining high quality, functional and creative pieces. Errico’s design goals are reflected in the pieces – all created with the modern woman in mind – which succeed in keeping the balance between contemporary urban style and the practicality of everyday life.

Marianna Cimini‪: ‏The Milan based designer Marianna Cimini, sees her designs as a balance between modernity and femininity, fusing together pieces that are both contemporary and elegant. She unites sharp silhuettes with sportswear, looking for inspiration at familiar places – that range from the Mediterranean and her childhood growing up on the Amalfi Coast – when creating the patterns and colours and exploring her own, unique, design philosophy.

Hanna Cronsjö