A Quest for Innovation: Christopher Raeburn

The British designer Christopher Raeburn’s self-titled brand has grown and established itself rapidly in the past five years, yet still continues to stay true to its key values, developing his approach and the formats of his production. A key feature of the brand is its view on sustainability, an idea which has grown from the beginning when Raeburn’s “Remades” were first introduced. The “Remades” series is a line of outdoor pieces, made of reclaimed fabrics and materials, used to create something new, innovative and modern.

The brand’s women and menswear lines are often based on the same sporty and military, functional and innovative aesthetics, which for the Spring 2015 season has been devolved into something slightly more refined. The womenswear collection introduced a new silhouette, color scheme and patterns, with a distinctive approach to material mixes and pattern constructions, as in the see-through shapes, combined with more structured materials. The menswear collection for Spring 2015 was also right in line with Christopher Raeburn’s characteristic design, and the theme for the collection as well as the show, was airplanes and the military. Those traditionally rough sources of inspiration were combined with more sporty, casual and modern influences that made the collection updated and innovative. The mix of materials which was seen in the womenswear collection was also represented in the menswear and the color scheme was, despite occasional splashes of orange, mostly the same. The idea about sharing the same elements and inspiration in the womenswear and menswear lines, combined with Christopher Raeburn’s view on sustainability represents his innovative and modern design, and makes the collections not just look modern but also structurally innovative.

Hanna Cronsjö