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How and why did the Warias project come about?
Warias was born after our last year’s summer tour, where we collected ides, recorded samples, percussion loops, vocal melodies and other stuff that has been looming in our minds during those long hours in our tour van. Other than those random ideas, Warias was born out of my specific need to give space to a parallel project that would be coherent with what I’ve been hearing lately.

Why have you decided to create a brand new band, completely different from your previous experiences?
It all happened quite naturally. For quite some time now, Giulio has been venturing into electronic music and I have been collecting new ideas and experimenting with different things during the last summer. We have been widely influenced by the places visited on tour, which have largely influenced our ideas. After the tour, when I proposed a new project to Giulio, he immediately got on board, without even thinking twice.

Warias has been defined in many different ways – dark, new wave, post punk – how would you categorize it?
If we have to characterize it, I would surely say it has a strong, dark component deriving from new wave and post punk, with a bold experimental and psychedelic side. Even if it may sound as a cliché, I must say that I am not really fond of labelling a band’s work with precise definition. Much of what has been said about Warias is surely right, but, for us, it is first and foremost an experience.

Which bands have influenced your sound during the recording of Wools EP?
While Warias was still taking shape as a project, we were listening to a lot of African music, Tuareg and electronic. As far as the EP is concerned, it was certainly influenced by our passion for analogue instruments, synths, guitars, drum machines – we have used and recorded all those instruments in our studio.

During your live concert, the visual part seems to be meticulously articulated. Who is in charge of your visuals?
Yes, we believe the visuals are a fundamental part of a live experience. There are many artists that put a lot of attention into this aspect and we believe it adds a lot of value to the performance. Our visuals in particular are developed by Mirco Cotugno, a dear friend of ours.

One of you also plays with The Soft Moon. How much has Luis Vasquez influenced Warias?
Well, Luis has certainly influenced a lot of our work since we respect him greatly. It is sort of a natural process when you play with someone and hang out with them in your everyday life.

Do you have a tour in mind for 2014?
Yes, we will be playing around Italy this Summer. We have received a few offers for a European tour this Autumn, but we will still need to figure it out.

Are you working on an album?
Yes, we are working on it right now and we already have a few pieces ready. It is a work in progress since it will be quite different from the EP, as the whole writing process is a lot more deeper, less conventional, with a much more emotional and visionary approach.

Enrico Chinellato