Tom Dixon’s MOST at Salone del Mobile 2013

Rough and smooth, traditional English tea with scones, cucumber sandwiches and strawberry jam, hip sportswear, young design brands, brass buckets, metal lamps, angular furniture and gemstones, science and technology, forward-thinking culture, dramatic surroundings, disruptive design and robotics. What do all these things have in common? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Tom Dixon, the grand master of British design, whose work has changed the way we perceive design and “the materials, technologies, production techniques and distribution systems” it uses.

Tom Dixon has charmed the design world during last year’s Salone del mobile with his project Most, held for the second year round at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. More than a project, Most is a platform for contemporary design that combines a distinctive mix of performances and events with young design brands and studios, interacting with almost all areas of creative production: from food to fashion, from art to product design, from technology to traditional crafts.

To prove the versatility of the event, we must mention this year’s most photographed and talked about feature: Tom Dixon’s collection for Adidas, comprising a collection of garments and accessories that “you can pack neatly in a bag for a week away”. Besides this enviable collaboration, Mr. Dixon is also presenting his new line of products, made primarily from metal – his signature material – and named “Rough and Smooth”, recalling the physical qualities of lamps, tables, tea sets and champagne buckets included in the collection.

Even though Tom Dixon is the main star of Most, it would be foolish visiting the Museum of Science and Technology only to see his latest creations, since this giant location is packed up with exciting new talents, great pieces of design and a positive vibe we hope might last even after the lights of this year’s Salone are turned (finally) off.

Rujana Rebernjak