The Fashion Schools

The Fashion Schools

They’re the history of the creatives we admire and the cradle of the industry itself. They’re the institutions shaping the minds and skills of future designers, couturiers, writers, cool hunters and PR mavens. They’re the home of the students who are certain, even though curious, of the world they want to work, live and breathe in. Over the coming months, The Blogazine will take you on a tour in the world of the European fashion schools.

To say that you ‘study fashion’ is about as general as saying that you study the society as a whole. The subject itself is as wide as it is large and carries a whole bunch of professions. As many aspiring designers there are, as many (if not more) young professionals are aspiring, and needed, to work with and around those designers.

Most professions fit into the profile of a regular University – a well-known educational system where the engineer students share the hallways, or at least the seal on their diplomas, with the philosophy students. There are fashion studies programs and courses that appear on the list in between other subjects, but still you will find most of the students allocated over high profiled schools in cities like London, Paris, Milan and Antwerp.

Some say fashion students become limited, other say they become experts. In any matter, it is a fact that something is alluring enough to make them move over-seas only to attend that one particular school. From where comes the ‘need’ to educate yourself at a fashion school, and, is it a ‘must’ to acquire as much knowledge about the business as about your specific profession? Do fashion students in fact become fashion experts? Follow our series on fashion education and get the answers from the people who know.

Lisa Olsson Hjerpe – Image courtesy of Rhisiart Hincks & Jakob Hürner