A Way Of Being Oneself

A Way Of Being Oneself

A project by students a bit over their twenties which became a brand. Born in Germany in 2009, although in a few years it conquered the most niche European markets, A Kind of Guise cares to maintain its design office and production in Deutsche territory. Their biggest talent? Knowing how to communicate strong. Communicate what? A lifestyle. Through video, teasers, images and slogans. The style is nice, the language intelligible and the quality of garments excellent. In today’s world that runs at 2.0 speed, it is not enough anymore to get your hands on a good product, you must be able to generate the public’s desire to own it.

Tell The Blogazine how and when did A Kind of Guise start? Nobody knows who you are nor how many you are. This is an intention to focus only on clothes and not on the designer, or what?
Well, first of all, we want our products to be in the spotlight, not the persons behind it. And secondly it has never seemed important for us to publish our names or see them printed somewhere. But it’s not a secret, we are 5 people coming from different backgrounds (like fashion, music, art, film etc.) who try to translate all their influences into the products. The whole thing started off in the summer of 2009 in Munich, as a little student-project, but soon more people joined the team and we are still growing (slowly but strong).

Your taste of style is very precise and coherent. This is a trend overflowing around the world, but in particular way in Europe. Such a country, old school, fifties, mormons attitude. Where do you look for your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Books, music, photographs, the people around us, our family and our friends (who we still want to design the stuff for).

Communication. It is a massive point of strength in fashion today, and you work on it very well. How do you manage your communication and image strategies, that are so funny and powerful as well?
Honestly we don’t think so much about strategies. Of course we set schedules and release-dates, but style-wise it’s just us you see in the pictures. There is one important word that may sum it up: Passion.

Proudly Deutsche production. DNA and quality fashion could be a way for young designers to capture and ride on the market? What’s your personal experience and your point of view about it?
Well it’s a basic decision you make before you start. And for us it was clear that we want to build strong, long-lasting and honest quality products. So you start searching for a proper production which is regional, close, easy to communicate with etc. There you go, we found that in Germany.

Sum up in three words A Kind of Guise.
Analyse. Solve. Believe.

Antonio Moscogiuri Dinoi