Summer 2012: Wrapping Up

Summer 2012: Wrapping Up

Well, well, well… it’ a wrap! Summer twenty-twelve is dead, her ashes strewn lovingly along sandy beaches and upon the streets of faraway cities. In train cars, dive bars and motel rooms. Oh, she shall surely be missed. But despite her killer heat waves, the never-ending London games and a psycho Batman mass shooting, she brought no rapture, no armageddon. The messiah didn’t even pop in for tea.

So, count your fingers and toes, kids, and snap snap! Chop chop! Out of the bomb shelters and back to the grind with each and every one of you!

Gently, of course. Don’t hit that hamster wheel without some serious coffee. Look around you – you’ll need it.
Perhaps it’s just us, but the light of summer has the darndest tendency to bring into harsh focus exactly those big picture problems we’re all part of. Escape brings perspective, after all. And perspective is the first step towards a solution. And assuming the Maya got it wrong, we’ll be here for quite a while. Now is prime time to make it count.
So as you wake from your summer siestas, we hope you’ll join us in soaking up the seriousness of the season: Elections! Climate change! Censorship! Poverty! Russia’s run amok! Syria’s in shambles!

Nothing we can’t handle together. 
Big cheers to a productive and hopeful new season.

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