Summer 2012: Pasman by Rujana Rebernjak

Summer 2012: Pasman by Rujana Rebernjak

When you go to Pasman Island in northern Dalmatia, by the size of the ferry that hardly fits more then 15 cars, you can easily figure out you are heading for a lonely and relaxing vacation. Pasman is a small island where time seems to have stopped. Besides a few houses and five or six fishermen’s boats, the only thing you can see is the sea, some rocks and the olive trees. But the beauty of the sea makes up for everything, being one of the cleanest Croatian islands.

That’s why these images show only small bays and the nature surrounding them, a green and blue collage. Get ready for tough roads and lots of walking, maybe on sunrise or sunset, seeing the beautiful light on one of the most incredible Dalmatian islands.

One thing you have to remember if you ever visit Pasman – be sure to make friends with someone who has a boat, that’s the only right way of experiencing it.

Rujana Rebernjak