Salone 2012 – Ventura Lambrate

Salone 2012 – Ventura Lambrate

In the last few years the more independent young designers as well as universities of design have been moving away from the center of Milan to Lambrate. This year the Lambrate fever has reached its higher peak as far as number of participants is concerned. Distributed between Via Ventura, Via Massimiano and Via Oslavia, this year’s exhibitors have included both the usual young as well as superstars like Jaime Hayon and established companies such as COS and Ikea.

As far as design schools are concerned, The Royal College of Art has made an almost impeccable exhibition. In a long series of experimental projects entitled Paradise, the strongest impression was made by ‘Fan Table’ by Mauricio Affonso, ‘Red & Blue Stacking Vessels’ by Pia Wustenberg.

The University of Bolzano was also there, with less projects but a nicely designed exhibition space curated by the school’s professors.

The most interesting young and independent designers would make an endless list, so we’ll only point out a few: “Edition of 9″ curated by Something Good that explored the relation between local crafts and contemporary design, “Think +” by Studio 248 which concentrated on the exploration of gestures and usability in design, Nino & Svenja that concentrated their research on the use of simple materials with innovative production and assembling methods.

Rujana Rebernjak