Salone 2012 – State University

Salone 2012 – State University

Yesterday was the last day of the busy Design Week, opening the dances for even busiest Salone weekend. Without even setting our foot on the actual fair at Rho, it is almost impossible to take a peak at all of the events that are happening around Milan. So, one has to choose, where the choice is usually based on other people’s recommendations, famous or new prodigious designers you see on the event flyer, or the inevitable Fuorisalone Guide. As the guide is being promoted by one of the most influential Italian architecture and design magazines, we faithfully went on to see their clamorous event at the State University.

The beautiful architecture of the University’s courtyard offered an incredible background where even the most un-intelligent or ugliest of projects would acquire a certain power or authority.

At least that’s what it seemed at first sight. Interni Legacy, the project they were presenting at the State University, puts together a number of design and architecture superstars with different companies which resulted in a series of installations.

So you could find installations such as Monica Arman’s tower done in the collaboration with the Province of Trento, Massimo Iosa Ghini with FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti or a special project as a tribute to Richard Meier done with Italcementi Lab. What actually struck us what that, after the initial fascination with these monumental sculptures, the sense of the exhibition was a senseless commercial promotion.

We are all conscious that design week doesn’t always present design excellence, but what Interni had shown wasn’t nor formally interesting nor conceptually elegant or intelligent. So, fortunately yesterday was quite a lovely day and our walk around the historical courtyard was pleasant. Actually, the courtyard’s 18th century beauty is all we remember, and that should say a lot.

Rujana Rebernjak