Salone 2012 – Brera Design District

Salone 2012 – Brera Design District

As Friday has already arrived, faster than we thought it would, there are still quite a few things we feel shouldn’t be missed. In order to manage to get at least a peak at all of them we have planned a tight schedule. So, while we have put on our most comfortable shoes and continued our marathon around the streets of Milan, this time heading to the busy Brera Design District.

We started from the Appartamento Lago, a well known design venue, that last year received more than 20000 visitors. Instead of creating a highly artificial environment such as a fair stand, Lago has decided to communicate with people on a more intimate level, creating a cosy environment that at the same time points out different living environments.

The second place that we had to visit on our Grand Tour around Brera was the exhibition Vivere alla Ponti held at Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Milano, celebrating the experiments in domestic living and architecture of living and working by Gio Ponti. Curated by Francesca Molteni and Franco Raggi, the show is paying tribute to the great modernist master whose timeless designs have been re-made by Molteni&C (currently being presented at their flagship store).

Among other interesting showrooms and new design companies, you should also stop by Austrian design – raw and delicate exhibition. There you can see the work of Augarten, Lobmeyr, Wittman, Polka and mischer’traxler, that tries to discuss the relation between the austrian nature and their culture and design.

As our marathon goes on on a tight schedule, we’re heading for our next design destination hoping that the annoying rain will finally stop bothering us.

Rujana Rebernjak