Sette Giorni by Manuel Agnelli & Marco Klefisch

Sette Giorni by Manuel Agnelli & Marco Klefisch

Manuel Agnelli (leader of Afterhours) and the illustrator Marco Klefisch are the protagonists of the first book of the series called Caratteri, published by the editorial studio Ready-Made, which will be presented this evening at the Triennale in Milan. The project thought as way to create dialogue among creative people with different backgrounds – Music and visual Arts – starts with a volume came out from two years of informal meetings among the two contemporary artists. Entitled Sette Giorni (Seven days), as the days of the week, it refers to the main time unit of measurement of the human beings’ lives.

This series of books is based on the ambitious idea of combining modern and more traditional printing methods – texts are laid out and printed using digital technology, while the illustrations are produced following to traditional techniques (press, etching, silkscreen, woodcut). Sette Giorni (Seven days) is a unique issue, which creates a connection between the run off Manuel Agnelli’s texts and the more rational and raisonne 7 etchings by Marco Klefisch (one per day). Marco’s work reflects his point of view and interprets Manuel’s thoughts in a non-literal way in a sort of brainstorming, which conveys in a prestigious and totally innovative way of perceiving artist books.

The presentation at the Triennale in Milan (December 16, 8pm) will be accompanied by an installation by Marco Klefisch that recalls the illustration made for the book and a performance by Manuel Agnelli and Xabier Iriondo (vocals and guitar of Afterhours).

Monica Lombardi