An Old New Issue – Hercules Magazine


An Old New Issue – Hercules Magazine

A few days back we celebrated the all new L’Officiel, well now the world of mens wear magazines have another rebirth to rejoice. Revamped with luxurious vigor Hercules Magazine furthers a new Universal agenda. Taking on a new form and shape the magazine moves away from it’s former larger format and strives to be more of a collector’s piece, “for in this new global world there is little place for the disposable”.

Owing to its new universal agenda the first revamped issue “Old new world- The Istanbul Affair”, is a perfect blend of timeless men’s fashion, stimulating fashion stories and an enthralling romance with the city of Istanbul.

Among the list of talented men and women responsible for the magazine`s sharp avatar are 2DM’s very own photographers Nacho Alegre and Tung Walsh. Opening the magazine is a gorgeous editorial called “Its not where you go , its what you wear” shot by Nacho Alegre. Styled by Senior Fashion Editor Laura Alcalde, the story highlights the elegant versatility of the over coat and it`s première label Emporio Armani. A few flips down Nacho knocks another one outta the park with a series of breathe taking still lives. Reminiscent of an era of travel long before todays limited baggage allowance, it featuring some of the best made luggage from the house of Loewe.

Tung Walsh collaborates with Fashion Editor Laura Alcalde to inject some youthful swag into the magazine in a beautiful editorial called “Face to Face with Elegance”. The magazine also features interesting interviews like Band of Outsiders creator Scott Sternsberg and fashion powerhouse Carine Roitfeld.

With this first Old New issue safely collected, we can`t wait to get our hands on the ones to come.

Daniel Franklin