Pablo Arroyo at L’Officiel Hommes


Pablo Arroyo at L’Officiel Hommes

You may have noticed L’Officiel Hommes Italia has a newfound swagger and joie de vivre in its latest issue. If you haven’t yet, you absolutely must take a closer look. Credit goes to the magazine’s newly appointed creative director, 2DM’s multitalented Pablo Arroyo. With his very first issue on newsstands now, powerhouse Pablo is certainly making waves. Imbued with his own unique take on fashion he gives the magazine a refreshingly young outlook that is much needed across the board in mens publication in in Italy.

In true Pablo Arroyo style, he thanks his skeptics for the motivation to push further. If this issue is an outcome of skeptical motivation we all could sure use some more skepticism.

With an array of mesmerizing shots of the charismatic Andre Van Noord by Tomo Brejc and a rather funky editorial featuring actor Melvin Poupaud and styled by the very talented Tom Guinness (the new fashion director of the magazines French edition) the issue taps into all ends of the fashion spectrum. The issue also invites a whole host of new collaborating photographers and stylists, key to its bold new look. Fresh to join the ranks at L’Officiel are talents such as photographers Stefania Paparelli and Andre Saraiva and stylists Jamie Stewart.

Still maintaining a classic L’Officiel look and feel, the editorials manage be edgy and transportive at the same time. A real feat, oftentimes even a struggle for classic menswear.

With this being just the beginning, we are dying to to see what lies ahead. Kudos to you Pablo!

Daniel Franklin