We Are With You, Japan


We Are With You, Japan

The magnitude and scope of the disaster in Japan cannot be overstated. The official death count continues to rise as missing persons are found and definitively identified. In any case, the number of casualties has already far surpassed that of central Italy’s tragic 2009 earthquake, as well as that of any terrorist act on any industrialised nation in our lifetimes. And the long road to repair the nation’s immediate damage may be blockaded by the far-reaching and long-term effects of nuclear disaster. Japan’s citizenry faces a tumultuous road ahead with destroyed cities, infrastructure, and potentially, livelihoods. The effects of this disaster must be remembered long after the disaster itself has been forgotten by newspaper headlines.

We Are With You is a straightforward initiative for solidarity launched by a Japanese citizen outside her country hoping to make a difference. By building a network of support across the world, the project strives to promote a sense of human connection and common sentiment from end to end of the planet. It is a gorgeous gesture and should go a long way towards building morale.Through the website, you can also donate to Tokyo-based NGO JEN (which has itself had a part in helping nations and peoples in need outside Japan following recent natural disasters), with all proceeds to be tallied and sent on April 15th.

Japan is a vibrant, resilient, innovative nation, but it needs the world’s attention and cooperation as would any other in a similar predicament. And in times of hardship and uncertainty, solidarity is an unequivocal message. Beyond the fact that we share a human condition, our own creative industry (and, indeed, that of the entire world) owes a great debt to Japanese ingenuity. We hope to be part of making sure everyone emerges from this stronger, wiser and closer, and invite our readers to participate in the project with their own photo. Download the logo here.

To our Japanese friends, clients and colleagues, We Are With You.

The Blogazine and 2DM together with several collaborators is organising a benefit on behalf of Japan in the coming days. We’ll keep you posted.

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