With a launch party at nothing less than the Royal Palace in Stockholm last week, Sweden’s latest fashion magazine began its grandiose life. But with Elin Kling as Creative director, who could have thought otherwise? In the past six months, Styleby has been the buzzword among everyone who has anything to do with fashion in Scandinavia. In July its website, a sort of live blog with up-to-the-moment insights into the lives of the three women behind the magazine, was launched.

Jonna Berg, Editor-in-chief, is known as the “woman of magazines,” having contributed extensively to a wealth of Swedish publications. Columbine Smille, who began her career as Kling’s assistant, is now Styleby’s Fashion editor. With her exquisite taste and courage to showcase Swedish creativity beyond Acne and Whyred, she is sure to do a bang up job.

Elin Kling, who has worked the gamut of jobs in the industry, started her career as the fashion editor at Vecky Revyn, and has gone from being a blogger to one of the industry’s most influential women. Apart from launching Styleby and the magazine, she designed a successful collection for H&M and has hosted her own TV show, Style by Kling. And if that weren’t already enough, she was invited to Luisa Via Roma’s landmark FIRENZE4EVER party as Sweden’s contribution to the industry.

The first issue of Styleby, with six clones of Elin Klin on the double-page cover, will hit newsstands March 15.

Not coincidentally, Nowmanifest was launched just before Styleby made its debut. Already known as a must-visit fashion destination, Elin Kling and Christian Remröd were (surprise) the founders. It is quite simply an amalgamation of fashion superpowers: alongside Elin’s blog is will be BryanBoy, Rumi Neely and Industrie Magazine. This forward-thinking gathering of eclectic and important fashion personalities on one site will hopefully bring increased attention to Sweden’s burgeoning and pioneering scene.

Emelly Blomqvist – Images courtesy Nowmanifest & Styleby – Special thanks to Elin Kling