Pitti Taste 6 / Della Negra

Pitti Taste 6 / Della Negra

A wild generalisation: the WOW effect of enjoying an ice cream probably wore off around the age of 5. 10 if you were lucky. Picking flavours from the usual suspects of chocolate, vanilla and fruit of all colours just wasn’t exciting for very long…

The sixth edition of Florence’s Pitti Taste, was a feast for senses, as always. Among thousands of delectable confections, exotic ingredients and innovation in food… we found a cure to our ice-cream boredom. So a hearty hat tip to Italian brand Della Negra, who are shaking things up by bringing sexy – and a whole lot of fun – back to ice cream and sorbets.

For nearly three decades, the company has made its name in the confectionery market through sheer excellence in its artisan ice creams and sorbets. The high quality and freshness of its products has always been the company’s signature, but a few years ago Della Negra branched out and begun delivering unexpected influences to the taste experience of its products.

How about a welcome aperitivo with soothing, refreshing rosemary and lavender sorbet for your guests at this summer’s barbecue gatherings? Or a scoop of wasabi sorbet to leave that extra strong impression at your dinner party? Avant-garde hotness is found in Della Negra’s other new tastefully different flavours, too: lemon/ginger, blood orange, extra virgin olive oil, pumpkin, black sesame and absinthe (!!!) just to name a few. And let’s just say our hopes are high that this taste adventure is more than a fleeting trend…

Products of Della Negra are available nationwide in Italy as well as at the Kensington Whole Foods Market in London.

Saba Giliana Tedla –