D / The Blogazine: Fashion Week Backstage

D / The Blogazine: Fashion Week Backstage

This week marked the grand web relaunch of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso’s D Magazine, one of Italy’s most important lifestyle publications. For the occasion, The Blogazine teamed up with a group of three handpicked photographers, Eva Manticova, Luca Campri and Piotr Niepsuj to take on Milan’s fabled fashion week. In three video galleries – skilfully edited by Daniele Testi – we brought to life an incisive and ambient image of the glitz and the glam and the grit of the week in style all our own.

Catch the videos here: Piotr Niepsuj, Luca Campri and Eva Manticova.

This was not the Sartorialist. It’s fresher. It’s raw. It’s open. This is not BryanBoy. And this isn’t tweeting capricious snap judgments from the sidelines of a show. In fact, we worked entirely in analogue. We were out front, backstage, mingling, parsing the collections… and even up a few freshly sewn skirts. We joined a band of models from pre-show castings to their frenetic sprints from runway to runway. And caught up with roving herds of them at the best parties. We went inside to capture a tapestry of the season’s colours, the vibe, the textures on the catwalks and the mood on the street.

The project was born of a fatigue of superficial, heedless fashion reportage. And in an age where everyone plays photographer – and our visual landscape has become an indiscriminate landfill as a result – we instead sought to curate a precise vision. Ours are young, insider photographers with discerning sensibilities, and their vantage lent them an authentic vision of the week, especially when captured in the infinitely more human texture of film…

With this collaboration, The Blogazine’s creative universe and curatorial voice was brought for the first time to a prominent platform, and new audience at the front lines of fashion journalism.

Luca Campri
What is photography? How do I shoot? What should I take pictures of? But why should I shoot? Should I shoot this? That? Does a photo became memory? Is it a friend? Is it a lover? Should i shoot in black and white? Awesome! Your face shows who you are. I’ll burn every experience onto film. Memory never fades. What if i took a photo of everything I’ve ever experienced? What does it mean to be a photographer? I shoot to know these answers.

Eva Manticova
As a properly educated child, I had to finish my school and do all the possible degrees before ditching my small village to travel around the world as a model at 18. After learning how to pose in front of a camera, I discovered that I preferred to be behind it. My first analog camera came from eBay and it’s been loaded, shooting everything around me since. I’m 26 now.

Piotr Niepsuj
Born in 1984 in Poland and raised in Lodz. He moved to Milan a half-decade ago and has since made it his him. He studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, and works currently as photo editor and assistant creative director at PIG Magazine in addition to shooting for them.

Tag Christof – Special thanks to Luciano Cirelli, Esmeralda Wagner and Maura Cantatore.