Aroma 30


Aroma 30

Aroma 30 is one of the freshest, most candid young designer collections we’ve come across in a while. Founded by Rome native Michela Fasanella, the collection is a synthesis of good old-fashioned Italian aesthetic sensibility, a splash of pan-Europe cosmopolitanism and rigorous fabric research. The designer readily admits to using her own body for prototyping, and to excellent effect: her pieces are comfortable and wearable in addition to being flattering.

An alumnus of l’Accademia di Costume e della Moda and Central Saint Martins, Michela began her career assisting Ferragamo’s creative team. From there she advanced to assisting Maria Grazie Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli at Red Valentino. Her line was launched from London, first with a small and successful capsule collection, but she returned subsequently to Rome to be closer to its production and the roots of her creativity.

In a short conversation with The Blogazine, the designer talked beauty at its core, as well as her distaste for the arbitrary rhythms of fashion: “My style is focused on the research of timeless beauty, as I think it has a much deeper meaning in capturing the evolution of lifestyles. I can’t stand the fast pace of fashion trends, and I prefer working on the development of an image.”

Inspiration for the Aroma30 is drawn from fountains as diverse as religious iconography (the designer is Roman, afterall), classical geometry, snapshot photography and nature’s perfect equilibriums. This last point, apparently, is key, as Michela alluded to us nature’s mastery at eliminating the superfluous – through evolution, through erosion, through chemical processes -to ensure that everything which remains is functional. And while volumes and silhouettes are liberally manipulated, Aroma’s lines almost speak Scandinavian simplicity in their elegance, as well as Belgian sophistication in their complex tailoring. The designs also wear a strong Valentino influence on their sleeves, so to speak…

2DM’s Roberta Ridolfi, a friend of Michela’s and longtime Londoner, shot the label’s last collection in the stark softness of white – Ridolfi’s playful sensibility a perfect match for Michela’s creations. Aroma30’s current collection, measurably harder and darker, is inspired by the piercing light of the Nordic countries and the low-contrast, intricate beauty of Paolo Roversi’s photographs.

Tag Christof – Images and special thanks to Roberta Ridolfi / 2DM