200 Best Illustrators / Naja Conrad-Hansen


200 Best Illustrators / Naja Conrad-Hansen

It’s official. Naja Conrad-Hansen, one of 2DM’s illustrators, is among the best in the world. For the third time, she was included in 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide from Lürzer’s Archive with her recent work for New York recording artist Katrine Ottesen. The Austrian publishing house well-known for its novel ranking system and its long-running series of “200 Best” specials, is somewhat of an authority on contemporary visual culture. Conrad-Hansen’s work was chosen out of a selection of 6,075 works from 69 countries and is one of only a handful of artists to be featured both this year and last.

And as the nature of the publication would suggest, the work on its pages is all absolutely stunning. From the amazing textural works of Paul Meates and Steve Barrett, to the lo-fi and painterly works of Brad Holland, there is no lack of imagination or inventive technique among today’s illustrators. The Danish-born Conrad-Hansen’s work is marked by its intellectual rigour and wealth of symbolic content, but her sense of formal beauty is a boon to her wealth of work in fashion.

Congratulations, Naja! In any case, we didn’t need Lürzer’s to tell us she was amont the world’s best. Check out more of her work here.

Tag Christof – Images courtesy 2DM, Lürzer’s, Special thanks to Helga Tripi