Happy Pills


Happy Pills

Popping pills can be a brilliant escape from the frustrations of the day to day. Until you’ve woken up on a park bench with no recollection of the previous day and an unfortunate new tattoo. And when your life becomes a bad reenactment of Valley of the Dolls, you know you’ve gone much too far.

Enter a most elegant solution, Happy Pills: side-effect-free and positively gorgeous candies to cure what ails you. Made with top-shelf ingredients and merchandised in the cleverest way perhaps possible, the Happy flasks look a lot cooler than a rumpled bag of Haribo. And they’re are also wry commentary on our turbulent relationship with mind and body-altering substances. In any case, humour and high design are far more attractive than headaches and hypochondria…

“Porque no contienen ni pizca de mala leche, amargura, palabras necias, ni oídos sordos…”

The Happy Pills lineup consists primarily of a cornucopia of exotic jellies (gummies), but also runs the gamut of chocolates and chewing gums. Each fix comes packed in gem like little flasks and pill jars, emergency kits, and even a cheeky take on the quotidian pill dispenser, which ensures a healthy daily dose.

The family owned company, with its epicentre on Calle dels Arcs in the Barcelona, is a smash sensation in Spain and is constantly evolving. They’ll eventually even offer personalisation – happy prescriptions, if you will. Their flagship apothecary in Barcelona, furthermore, is a gorgeous take on the sometimes depressing pharmacy, with a gratuitous selection of treats.

And since Happy Pills is looking to spread its goodwill around the world (and since grey Milanese days definitely require heavy-duty pick-me-ups), we hope we’ll see them on our side of the Mediterranean soon. Until then, overdose!

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