The Selby’s Gallery Debut


The Selby’s Gallery Debut

Todd Selby – as in The Selby – is at long last making his gallery debut. Featured alongside the prolific and renowned French-American portrait photographer Elliott Erwitt, the ensemble show is sure to be a landmark look at the evolving practice of portraiture. By capturing subjects – carefully considered and extraordinarily creative subjects – within the natural habitats of their eccentric and particular home or work spaces, Selby manages, fluently and effortlessly, to construct images that leave a 360° impression.

Like a Yosuf Karsh for our age, his ability to play on and pull out his subjects’ sensibilities has lent he and his camera the exceptional ability to create penetrating and sagacious looks into their identities. He’s graced the pages of numerous publications, and continues to create photos that are insightful, brazen and just plain enjoyable to look at.

Opening tonight at Atlanta’s well-curated and ahead-of-the-curve Jackson Fine Art gallery, which has featured the likes of Massimo Vitali, Arthur Leipzig, Sally Mann, and Steve Schapiro, at 6pm, and will run until March 25.

Rockaway Taco, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.

Tag Christof – Images & film courtesy The Selby, special thanks to Malia Schramm at Jackson Fine Art