Neil Poulton’s Bag-Ette


Neil Poulton’s Bag-Ette

Who in this world doesn’t feel at least a little français when bicycling home from le marché armed with a baguette? Sometimes we walk around Milan with one or two stylishly tucked under our arms and imagine we’re inside a Cartier-Bresson behind well-groomed French mustachios. Still, in the course of this dandy gallivant, one always runs the risk of either squashing the baguette beyond edibility (especially when also armed with a few bottles of Côtes du Rhône), dropping it into a muddy puddle or contaminating it with pungent underarm perfume on a particularly warm day.

Fortunately for us and our long buttery bread, very French product designer Neil Poulton (known otherwise for his seductive computer accessories for companies like LaCie), was blessed with senses of humour and practicality in equal measures and has at long last come to the rescue with his innovative Bag-Ette.

A delightfully straightforward marriage of a tough paper sack to a simple carabiner, Poulton’s design is dashing and desirable and is the fruit of Foodesign Guzzini, which invited French and France-based designers to develop new products in dialogue with chefs and lifestyle experts. We’ll see Bag-Ette here in Milan at the Triennale during Salone in April. Quel anticipation! Once we get ours, there’ll be no limit to the Côtes we can carry!

Tag Christof – images courtesy Neil Poulton