Hard to imagine that Hixsept is a dozen years old this year. The French brand founded by two accomplished graffiti mongers pioneered the introduction of graffiti elements into fashion, and has grown to become an “environment” in which mediums mix freely. They even fancy themselves “graphical activists through urban art” – something which is born out in their jarring and bold patterns, not to mention their mascot Oiseau Gris, which all of us crazy urbanites know terribly well.

And like their rampant spiritual mascot, “the rude witness of the greyness and daily rhythm of our cities,” they have managed to assert themselves extraordinarily well. They’ve made big waves in the worlds of fashion and art, having even become capable art directors and overlords of their very own magazine. Which is all perfectly logical considering their background in capably and quickly art directing large slabs of concrete into radical works of art, probably under excruciatingly strict and only slightly sub-legal deadlines. (Wink.)

Their current collection, Lost Equilibrium, is a cheeky and subversive work in pattern and images. Very cool stuff. We’re looking forward to see where they go next – keep it up guys!

Tag Christof – Images courtesy Hixsept