Hixsept: Problèmes et Crépuscules


Hixsept: Problèmes et Crépscules

What if problems could be solved by colours? Could this be a new proposal by the already acclaimed Hixsept? At the very least, it’s something its masterminds Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry think should be pondered. Among other metaphysical notions… Hello!

Hixsept’s S/S 2011 collection is straight up classic forms with a twist, and a graphic designer’s sense of shades, stripes and forms. From dense to intense, this collection is as they say, an ode to colours!

And as if they weren’t already awash in talent, this collection counts to its advantage additionally the collaboration of young artist Paul Cowan, whose particular point of view on contemporary painting puts the final dot on the i – or we should say, the spot on the prints of this fine collection. We want it!

Hixsept Problème et Crépuscule

Juan Alvarado – photos by Jeremy Liebman, painted backgrounds by Paul Cowan and courtesy Hixsept