Elena Xausa for GAS / Bread & Butter 2011


Elena Xausa for GAS / Bread & Butter 2011

Bread & Butter 2011 opens tomorrow! And for this liveliest of trade fairs, Gas is pulling out all the stops and staging a 3D runway show of their A/W collection. Invitees will be treated to their own pair of tri-dimensional specs, which will also give them the key to experience a large scale piece by 2DM’s multitalented Elena Xausa, which will be the multi-eyed centrepiece of their flagship Munzstraße store’s vitrine. Don your x-ray specs here to see it pop to life – and see it big in Berlin!

Catch the cocktail party at Munzstraße 21 in Berlin from 7pm to 10 this Thursday 20 January.

Tag Christof – Image Elena Xausa, courtesy of 2DM/Management