Diego Soprana + Sergio Rossi for Please


Diego Soprana + Sergio Rossi

Handsculpted, rather extreme shoes rendered in brass and other highly textural materials are front and centre on Sergio Rossi’s menu this season. The brand’s creative director Francesco Russi called the fresh and imaginative collection a “return to extreme linearity, and a balancing act between experimentation and tradition.” The line is also a skilful balancing act of colour, with the cheeky use of neons alongside normally prosaic earth tones, and the effect is uncanny and counterintuitively quite handsome. 2DM/’s square-deal surreal illustrator Diego Soprana brought the collection to life for Please in an entirely new dimension.

These shoes were positively made to be illustrated by Diego… and we couldn’t be more pleased! (Ha!)

Tag Christof, illustrations courtesy of Diego Soprana, represented by 2DM/Management