Corduroy Magazine


Corduroy Magazine

In a chance meeting this week with New York photographer Peter Ash Lee, we were introduced to the superb magazine, Corduroy, which had until now somehow managed to slip under our radar. Currently in its seventh issue (with the eighth slated to peek over the horizon very soon), it looks to be one of few truly compelling voices in the cacophony of new generation publications. Neither resplendent nor loud, Corduroy’s serif-laden and measured sobriety is a welcome breath of fresh air, its restrained and sophisticated art direction, engaging and well-written texts and excellent collection of features making it a delightful read.

Lee just happens to be the journal’s creative director, and is responsible for the host of intimate portraits from end-to-end of each issue, including number seven’s cover and feature figure, Isabella Rossellini. Other luminaries featured in the issue (and deftly photographed by Lee) include former original boy bandmate Joey McIntyre, rising star Dave Franco, Sophie Ward, designer Jean Touitou and the stunning Helena Christensen. Additionally, you’ll find works from our own very prolific Skye Parrott (she’s everywhere!), as well as a series of illustrations from the larger than life Robert Longo, photos from Israeli artist Michael Chelbin, and a gripping series of paintings from the archives of the recently passed and eminently sentient Pennsylvania artist Andrew Wyeth.

Stay cozy, Corduroy. We’re big fans. And get more copies to Milan!

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