Yvette Van Boven / Home Made

Yvette Van Boven / Home Made

2DM’s food styling and illustration wizard Yvette Van Boven, whose giant ice cream sundae was featured on this month’s cover of Wallpaper*, released a delectable cookbook, Home Made, earlier this year. Met with huge critical acclaim, the book is dripping with gorgeous images, illustrations and hand written recipes of all sorts. The scrumptious baked goods, hearty winter fare and summer snacks run the gamut of world fare, with a particularly Dutch flair – it was, in fact, the winner of this year’s Kookbook van het Jaar (Cookbook of the Year) award in Holland

Yvette’s inspiration for the book has its roots in her formidable food culture, which includes a highly-regarded catering business and a private dining restaurant, Aan de Amstel, in Amsterdam. Regular readers of the Blogazine will know her well from her mouth-watering Sunday Brunch column.

The book is available for order on Yvette’s website, and comes highly recommended for adventurous cooks, even those who don speak Dutch! Our tummies are rumbling.

Tag Christof, photos courtesy 2DM and Yvette Van Boven.