Vicky Trombetta / Young Designers


Vicky Trombetta / Young Designers

YOUNG DESIGNERS by Vicky Trombetta from Vicky Trombetta on Vimeo.

While on assignment for Wonderland’s September/October issue special on young designers in London, 2DM’s gallant Vicky Trombetta orchestrated this dreamy-delightful short. 

Styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois, the sequence was mostly shot above the canopy of the city. The resulting etherial dreamlike sequence speaks volumes about the artist’s sensibility and connection to subject: his ability to charge with emotion, yet step back and reveal fleeting glances of sublime beauty, works especially well here with Ford NYC/ Premier newcomer Hilde Gifstad. From the visceral, textural, structural space she inhabits to the raw light and erratic lines of the majestic, organic spliced-in scenes of nature, this is a haunting blend of the elemental and the rarified, of intimacy and distance. More, please.

Vicky Trombetta, edited by Daniele Testi, text by Tag Christof.