Prada Private Customizable Sunglasses


Prada Private Customizable Sunglasses

As a society with common interests and fashions, we struggle to set ourselves apart. There is the timeless search to acquire distinctive possessions, whether tangible or metaphorical; and with this desire swings back a cornucopia of options, the most recent being the way one wears their sunglasses as an exclusive and private affair. Customized design to showcase your own visual representation.

Prada likes to woo and dazzle us; and they never falter in presenting the things we have not seen in ways that are refigured with trinkets of unexpected imagination. With indicative subtle expressions, you let your fingers do the creating with their latest seduction, Prada Private Customizable Glasses. The mechanisms are removable arms where you can scrabble your declarations by plugging in two symbol inserts on each side of the frame. Made in two distinctive styles for both men and women, classic frames and your choice of black, white or tortoise-shell and sold exclusively through Sunglass Hut. With a multitude of symbols, letters, numbers, hearts, stars and skulls to choose from, your framed statement provides distinctive luxury for an ever-changing expression. So the question is, what will you say in just four frames? B for badass Blogazine!

Coco Brown, images courtesy Prada and Sunglass Hut.