Mini Interview with Phil Pinto


Mini Interview with Phil Pinto

The forecast predicted a rainy day but not a single drop had fallen when 27 year old Phil Pinto filmed the music video for “Infinity Guitars” by Sleigh Bells. Living in Brooklyn, NY he has worked for a variety of clients including 2×4, AR New York, GOOD, Details Magazine, Human Rights Watch, HunterGatherer, Incase, MTV, Mom+Pop Records, Nike, New York Magazine, Print Magazine and VH1.

But Phil Pinto is not just a producer. He is also a maker of things. Most artists unconsciously draw inspiration from things they grew up with, childhood moments that even now seem to be freshly minted. The Infinity Guitars video is strongly influenced by movies 80’s kids can all relate to; things we all grew up with: high school comedies, and Beverly Hills Cop II with Eddie Murphy.

For one full day the Red Hook district in Brooklyn NY had been sent back to the future à la Marty Mcfly, and served as scenery for this electrifying music video.

How did the collaboration between you and Sleigh bells come along?
The whole thing came together really quickly. I knew Derek through some mutual friends before the band had played any shows. They were out on tour & I got a late night phone call from  him telling me that they wanted me to do their video. Two weeks later we were blowing up mailboxes.

Where are your favorite spots to hang out?
I spend a lot of time at my studio in Williamsburg, around there I like to eat at Five Leaves or Egg & I’ll get a drink at Enid’s. Otherwise, I really like Lovely Day & the Jane Hotel. People watching on the benches by La Esqunia & of course Film Forum. In LA, Animal on Fairfax and the Taco Zone cart in Echo Park have the best food. The Cha Cha for dancing & drunk people.
I also love the old Baixa neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal – I’d love to film something there.

So, photography or videography? Where do you stand?
I’m a huge fan of both mediums. I don’t think one could ever replace the other. As much as I love how complex or simple a film can be, there’s something about being able to capture an exact moment & freeze it. It punctuates the scene. Whereas if you had filmed what you photographed it might be less striking…

Safia Brown, Images courtesy Phil Pinto and Sleigh Bells