Decadently handcrafted opulence engulfs the creations of Lauren Tennenbaum’s (IN)DECOROUS TASTE. The artist behind the brand designs footwear, accessories, furniture, and is a painter, photographer, and interior designer. The gritty, deconstructed, grand, and unexpected mood of Tennenbaum’s pieces invite you through the tedious and time-consuming process of their construction, making you aware and appreciative of their stellar craftsmanship.

The ambitious decorative endeavors, and the spiked footwork made with hours of dedicated detail work, are the underlined trademarks of (IN)DECOROUS TASTE Lucite, fur, sequins, leather, and deadly spikes, in particular, are the ingredients that make for a most envied punk couture delight. You pick the spike, its size and other interchangeable elements, from shoe harness to bag strap. Temptations such as the Rudolph sparkled Nike platform, and the hand-painted closet to store them all in, round out the collection.

The brand’s philosophy is based on making something from nothing, turning what was simple and understated into something majestic and smashing. In an age of technologic mass production and a reliance on the assembly line, (IN)DECOROUS TASTE flips the script and reminds us of the authentic, original and precious existence of ‘the limited few, special editions, and one of a kinds.” The use of one’s hands to tear apart and breakdown a ‘perfected form’ and translate it into an altering and imposing finalization is the most appreciated tune that we can adopt and follow. We are all so many things, but too often we disregard the crafting gifts that lie static and unused. In essence, it is the oldest set of instructions; but the beauty of recreating is brilliantly highlighted by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.

Coco Brown, Images courtesy Indecorous Taste