Imagine a Tree House


Imagine a Tree House

And with winter and rain comes along that nostalgic feeling, that reminiscence of our childhood looking for a special place. A place to hide or be safe.

A wooden house is the perfect shelter, but in reality it was always more… a blanket hung from a special corner of the house. Or a garden, where our most precious valuables were kept. Director Marco Mucig, a brilliant multi talent, brings us back, ¨à la Michel Gondry” to that magical feeling. The key is vintage, though, not childish. It’s very personal, that special place, our own world of discovery and sharing. The Tree House is a place not only to discover, but also to make your own, where, as the story goes, we can keep our fantasies growing…

Twice a year in Milan Chérie’s Tree House creates a perfect platform to support the growth of emerging artists. This Saturday, they open the doors on their 6th edition and will be featuring a pirate’s ransom of treasures including new and vintage fashion by Toxic Toy, Neroli Cashmere, Até Jà, Alessandra Modarelli as well as toys and design products from Drawflowers, Sunettes and many more.

This Saturday and Sunday, December 11th and 12th, at 247 Showroom, Via Pestalozzi 4, Milan.

Juan Alvarado & Tag Christof, short and photos courtesy Chérie’s Tree House