Delfina Delettrez / We-Man


Delfina Delettrez / We-Man

Delfina Delettrez, the globetrotting fourth-generation Fendi (yes, those Fendi), has over the past several seasons built an admirable following with her uncommonly intelligent, sophisticated line of jewellery. Inspired by “powerful women with enormous personalities,” this most recent collection turns masculine icons inside out to make them something sensual yet still commandingly powerful.

Citing the grand, gender-bending and tough personages of George Sand, Virginia Woolf and Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin in particular as the spirit of the collection, Delettrez also looked squarely to the intensely detailed works of Domenico Gnoli as a visual catalyst. The result is surprisingly original, abounding with clever details such as convincing “stitching” on some pieces, which make the collection as much a tactile experience as a visual one. Every piece is a semiotic subversion in fine metal, gem and stone: starched shirt cuffs as bracelet, a snail with brilliantly translucent shell, a tuxedo neckline and pressed collars collars as bold necklaces.

2DM’s Ricardo Fumanal, in his trademark clean and serene-surreal way, illustrated the hell out of the pieces (above) for Delettrez. Now that’s teamwork!

Tag Christof, Images courtesy Delfina Delettrez and Ricardo Fumanal.